My Cottage! (Challenge 4)

Blogging Challenge#4 

In the summer I love going to my cottage! It’s so warm, sunny and the view is absolutely wonderful! The pretty blue water and all the bright green trees make it so fun and peaceful. At my cottage I love to swim with my sister and my friend. She has a cottage right near mine and she is the same age as me. My family is good friends with  her family so we get to hang out all the time! We have a water trampoline at my cottage and it is so much fun to jump on it. Also my family loves to go boating at my cottage. Sometimes we go tubing at my cottage. We have a three person tube so it is perfect for my friend, my sister and me! I love going over big waves while tubing because you bounce so high and sometimes even fall out! In the picture above you see the dock at my cottage. This picture is taken at the deck of my cottage. You can tell that my cottage is up a lot higher than the water. This picture is taken in the spring so our water trampoline isn’t out yet but it would usually be in the middle of the L shaped dock. Also our boat would be tide to the dock on the left. At my cottage I also love to go kayaking. We have two kayaks so my sister and me can each use one. My friend also has two kayaks so we can go kayaking all together! I love going canoeing in the morning because its so quiet and the water is so peaceful because their are no other boats or waves. Sometimes we drift into small areas of water with lillypads.  If we are lucky we see really cool birds like blue herons. Another thing we do at my cottage is roast marshmellows. Some nights my dads makes a big campfire and my friend and her family come over to roast marshmellows and make smores. I love roasting marshmellows, and they taste really good too! That is why I love going to my cottage in the summer, it’s so much fun!

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