Under Age Drinking (challenge #2)

Blogging Challenge#2

Unfortunately, every year about 5000 people below the age of 21 die because of Under Age drinking. The legal drinking age in Canada is 18 or 19 depending on the province/territory and the legal drinking age in the U.S. is 21. There are about 11 million teenagers in the U.S. who are under the legal drinking age that drink alcohol, and 7.2 million of them are binge drinking. Also more than 40% of kids who start drinking before the age of 13 will have alcohol abuse problems later in life. There are so many reasons why you definitely shouldn’t under age drink. Some of them are: It damages your brain, it causes death and injuries and it is extremely dangerous for driving. Any logical person would obviously know how horrible Under Age drinking is.

First of all, Under Age drinking is extremely bad for your brain. At about the age of 12 or 13 your brain starts its major developing and it doesn’t finish until about your early 20’s. So drinking during that time isn’t only illegal, but it also disrupts brain development. If you drink in between those ages then your brain is at risk of not reaching its full development. That means you might never reach your full potential as an adult. Would you want to live like that? Furthermore, alcohol has a very negative effect on your long term memory. It is also bad for your learning skills and schooling. Did you know that 159,000 of this year’s current freshmen will drop out of school because of alcohol use? Isn’t that awful? So many young people won’t be able to get jobs because of that. Would you want to have problems for the rest of your life just because alcohol caused you to drop out of school?

Next, Under Age drinking also causes injuries and even death. Well sadly, each year 5000 people under age 21 die because of Under Age drinking. 1900 of those deaths are from car crashes, 1600 because of homicides and 300 are caused by suicides. As well as hundreds of others from drowning, falls, burns and other injuries. Also, each year more than 190,000 young people under age 21 go to the emergency room because of alcohol related injuries. How horrible would it be if someone close to you was seriously injured or even died because of Under Age drinking? Of course you wouldn’t want that!

Lastly, Under Age drinking leads to drinking and driving, everyone knows how dangerous that is! Parents, for example what if your teenager was at a party drinking and then was driving home, they could be caught by the police for drinking and driving and Under Age drinking. Then they could be charged a lot of money or even be arrested! That would go on their permanent record and haunt them for the rest of their lives! Furthermore if your teenager was drinking and driving they could get in a car accident and be killed or seriously injured. Not only that but they could seriously injure or even kill all the other innocent people who were involved in the accident.                    All of these tragedies could happen from Under Age drinking. Some might argue that one little drink is fine when you aren’t the legal age, but it can still definitely affect your brain development and cause deaths and injuries. Furthermore Under Age drinking is breaking the law.

In conclusion I strongly believe that Under Age drinking is extremely bad. I hope you now realize how much destruction it causes. Any smart person would surely agree with this argument!

4 thoughts on “Under Age Drinking (challenge #2)

  1. Hi Eryn’s
    My name is Rosa I’m a student in Mr.Miller class in California. I found your blog in Edublog challenge page. I see you care about people that drink. I agree with you many people do drink under age.

    So what made you think about this an worry about people under age drinking?


  2. I think this is an extremely important topic and people need to realise that it is not right. People die because of this and they need to know what it can do to them. Great post, Eryn!

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