I have learned so much about bullying this year. I now know how awful bullying truly is.  Some people bully because they have been bullied themselves and they want other’s to understand what its like, but they should truly know not to bully because they have experienced how awful it is themselves.  Instead of bullying others and putting them through that awful time, why not just talk to someone. Help them understand what it is like without making them suffer. I learned that you can get a lot more comfort from talking to a friend instead of bullying another. You should never ever bully anyone no matter what they have done because no one deserves to go through that. Even saying one little mean thing is damaging to someone because likely others will add other mean comments. Those little things you say will likely be remembered by that person for a very long time if not forever. So they will always feel bad about themselves. No one wants to be bullied. So in conclusion I have learned how important true friends are and that you should never take them for granted. Also I have learned what the victums of bullying go through and that they will do anything to make it stop, including take their own lives. So be a true friend, and you never know, you could end up saving a life.

My Cottage! (Challenge 4)

Blogging Challenge#4 

In the summer I love going to my cottage! It’s so warm, sunny and the view is absolutely wonderful! The pretty blue water and all the bright green trees make it so fun and peaceful. At my cottage I love to swim with my sister and my friend. She has a cottage right near mine and she is the same age as me. My family is good friends with  her family so we get to hang out all the time! We have a water trampoline at my cottage and it is so much fun to jump on it. Also my family loves to go boating at my cottage. Sometimes we go tubing at my cottage. We have a three person tube so it is perfect for my friend, my sister and me! I love going over big waves while tubing because you bounce so high and sometimes even fall out! In the picture above you see the dock at my cottage. This picture is taken at the deck of my cottage. You can tell that my cottage is up a lot higher than the water. This picture is taken in the spring so our water trampoline isn’t out yet but it would usually be in the middle of the L shaped dock. Also our boat would be tide to the dock on the left. At my cottage I also love to go kayaking. We have two kayaks so my sister and me can each use one. My friend also has two kayaks so we can go kayaking all together! I love going canoeing in the morning because its so quiet and the water is so peaceful because their are no other boats or waves. Sometimes we drift into small areas of water with lillypads.  If we are lucky we see really cool birds like blue herons. Another thing we do at my cottage is roast marshmellows. Some nights my dads makes a big campfire and my friend and her family come over to roast marshmellows and make smores. I love roasting marshmellows, and they taste really good too! That is why I love going to my cottage in the summer, it’s so much fun!

Socks (challenge 3)

Blogging Challenge #3

Do you have an old sock that lost its match somewhere you will never find it? Well instead of throwing it out you can help the environment by reusing the sock! Here are some ways you can make that lonely sock useful!

1.You can make a water bottle case



-hot glue

-decorations (anything you want to put on your case)


First you will need to cut the toe part and the heel part off of the sock so that you have something that you can fit your water bottle into. Then you can decorate your sock anyway you want to. Have fun!

2. You can make a bracelet or key chain




To start, cut your sock into three long narrow strips. Then tie them together in a knot at one end. Braid the strips together until you get to the other end. Next, tie a knot at that end so the braid doesn’t come out. If the braided sock is long enough you can tie it around your wrist and wear it as a bracelet. But if its not you can tie it onto your keys as a key chain!

3. Bow




All you have to do is cut a long narrow strip out of your sock and tie it in a bow. Then you could do many things with it like put in on a headband, use it on a card or anything else u want to do with it. You can make many of these with one sock.

4. Sock Puppet



-googly eyes




-hot glue


First glue the googly eyes onto the sock near the toes part of it. Then glue the button on lower for the nose. After that you cut a piece of yarn and glue it on for the mouth so that you have completed the face. If you want you can glue more yarn on to make hair. Now you have your sock puppet!

5. Bunny ears headband




-hot glue

-popsicle stick or straw


First start by cutting the heal part off of you sock so that the sock is the shape of a bunny ear. Then cut your sock in half through the middle of the side part of the sock so that you have two pieces in the shape of bunny ears. Then glue a posicle stick/straw straight up the back of each of the bunny ears so that they stand up. Make sure to leave a part at the bottom straight edge of your sock that can warp around your head band and be glued. Wrap the part you left at the bottom of your sock around the head band and glue it on whatever way makes it stay on best for you. Now your all ready for easter!


Under Age Drinking (challenge #2)

Blogging Challenge#2

Unfortunately, every year about 5000 people below the age of 21 die because of Under Age drinking. The legal drinking age in Canada is 18 or 19 depending on the province/territory and the legal drinking age in the U.S. is 21. There are about 11 million teenagers in the U.S. who are under the legal drinking age that drink alcohol, and 7.2 million of them are binge drinking. Also more than 40% of kids who start drinking before the age of 13 will have alcohol abuse problems later in life. There are so many reasons why you definitely shouldn’t under age drink. Some of them are: It damages your brain, it causes death and injuries and it is extremely dangerous for driving. Any logical person would obviously know how horrible Under Age drinking is.

First of all, Under Age drinking is extremely bad for your brain. At about the age of 12 or 13 your brain starts its major developing and it doesn’t finish until about your early 20’s. So drinking during that time isn’t only illegal, but it also disrupts brain development. If you drink in between those ages then your brain is at risk of not reaching its full development. That means you might never reach your full potential as an adult. Would you want to live like that? Furthermore, alcohol has a very negative effect on your long term memory. It is also bad for your learning skills and schooling. Did you know that 159,000 of this year’s current freshmen will drop out of school because of alcohol use? Isn’t that awful? So many young people won’t be able to get jobs because of that. Would you want to have problems for the rest of your life just because alcohol caused you to drop out of school?

Next, Under Age drinking also causes injuries and even death. Well sadly, each year 5000 people under age 21 die because of Under Age drinking. 1900 of those deaths are from car crashes, 1600 because of homicides and 300 are caused by suicides. As well as hundreds of others from drowning, falls, burns and other injuries. Also, each year more than 190,000 young people under age 21 go to the emergency room because of alcohol related injuries. How horrible would it be if someone close to you was seriously injured or even died because of Under Age drinking? Of course you wouldn’t want that!

Lastly, Under Age drinking leads to drinking and driving, everyone knows how dangerous that is! Parents, for example what if your teenager was at a party drinking and then was driving home, they could be caught by the police for drinking and driving and Under Age drinking. Then they could be charged a lot of money or even be arrested! That would go on their permanent record and haunt them for the rest of their lives! Furthermore if your teenager was drinking and driving they could get in a car accident and be killed or seriously injured. Not only that but they could seriously injure or even kill all the other innocent people who were involved in the accident.                    All of these tragedies could happen from Under Age drinking. Some might argue that one little drink is fine when you aren’t the legal age, but it can still definitely affect your brain development and cause deaths and injuries. Furthermore Under Age drinking is breaking the law.

In conclusion I strongly believe that Under Age drinking is extremely bad. I hope you now realize how much destruction it causes. Any smart person would surely agree with this argument!

Blogging Challenge #1

Challenge 1

I am writing a list of people who I would like to meet and one of the questions I would ask them:
1. Michael Jackson. I would ask him: How did you come up with all of those famous dance moves?

2. Albert Einstein. I would ask him: What inspired you developed the general theory of relativity?

3. John Anderson. I would ask him: How fun is it to host Wipeout?

$.Jennifer Lawrence. I would ask her: What was the best part about being in the Hunger Games?

6. Usain Bolt. I would ask him: Why did you start running?

7. Felix Baumgartners. I would ask him: Why did you skydive from space?

8. Bill Gates. I would ask him: How did you make Microsoft so successful?

9.Perry The Platapus. I would ask him: How did you become a ninja secret agent?

10. Nik Wallenda. I would ask him: While crossing Niagara Falls on a tight rope what was going through your mind?


Why Do We Read?!

Why read? What good is it? Well their are so many great reasons to read! Some people read for fun, entertainment or because they love to read. Others may read for knowledge. Think of someone famous like Taylor Swift, she has to be a really good reader to read scripts, write songs and really know the meaning of the lyrics. People like Stephen Harpor would need to read for power. He would have to read a lot for knowledge. Do you think he would have been elected for Prime Minister of Canada if he wasn’t smart? A lot of that knowlegde could have come from reading. So some people read for power because knowledge is power and knowledge comes from reading. Also people read to learn about cool stuff they are interested in or they want to learn how to do something. So in conclusion their are so many great reasons to read. Why do you read?

Why Do We Dream?

Today in class we watched a really cool video called ‘Why Do We Dream?’. It talked about the study of dreaming which is called Oneirollogy. It didn’t really start until about 1952. They are many different theorys that scientists have come up with about dreams. Some people say that dreams are just a bunch of random memories that are mixed together and changed. Others think that dreams are warnings and threats or emeotions like anxiety or fear to prepare us for what might actually happen. A really long time ago people never knew what dangerous stuff could happen that day so some say that at night the people dreamt about what bad stuff was going to happen soon to prepare them for if it actually did happen. Also the video said that when people are dreaming they might actually move around and be acting out their dream. While people are dreaming their eyes can be moving around even though their eyes are closed. Their is still so much more to uncovery about the mystery of dreaming, but the mystery is what make dreams so amazing!


Why Do We Dream Video:    http://youtu.be/7GGzc3x9WJU



I can’t wait! Christmas is in only 8 days, 3 hours and 45 minutes! On my iPod I have an app that counts the exact time until Christmas! I love decorating my house and preparing for Christmas! At Christmas time everyone is so happy and everyone says “MERRY CHRISTMAS” to each other! At Christmas time I love going to the Christmas tree farm with my family and choosing a big Christmas tree to take home! For Christmas ALL of my family comes to my house so that we can celebrate Christmas together! I wish it would snow for Christmas! Christmas just seems better with snow, but I know that Christmas will be great even if there isn’t any snow. I couldn’t choose which part I like the best about Christmas because I love it all!

A Visit from Mary Spencer!

Today in class Mary Spencer the amazing boxer came to visit our class! She answered all of our questions and really inspired us! She has won 128 fights and lost only ten. Her visit inspired me to always keep trying, and to never give up. Even if something is hard you need to keep working hard if you want to get better. I learned that she was just a normal kid who went to school until she had a dream and wanted to make it come true. Mary Spencer is also very involved in charity. In Windsor, Mary plays sports at a gym with kids once every week! She is also involved with many other charities too! Mary Spencer is truly an amazing role model for everyone!